Certificate in Financing Startups & Micro and Small Enterprises

Certificate in Financing Startups & Micro and Small Enterprises
  • Programme Structure

    Module 1: Micro& Small Enterprise Financing in India
    Module 2: Development Banking
    Module 3: New Trends in Financing micro and Small Enterprises
    Module 4: Institutional Frame work  
    Module 5: Project Formulation
    Module 6: Information Needs of Bankers 
    Module 7: Project Appraisal
    Module 8: Credit rating


  • Course Outcome

    MSMEs play a very significant role in the economy in terms of balanced and sustainable growth, employment generation, development of entrepreneurial skills and contribution to export earnings. However, despite their importance to the economy, most of the MSMEs are not able to stand up to the challenges of globalization, mainly because of difficulties in the area of financing. With the opening up of the Indian economy, it has become necessary to consider measures for smoothening the flow of credit to this sector.

    The main objective of the Training program on “Financing Micro and Small Enterprises”, is to provide the detailed information on various schemes and new financing methods available for MSMEs and provide them with a roadmap for optimal use. The program outlines the pivotal role of the credit rating agencies in assessing and establishing the authenticity of firms who seek financial support. It also highlights alternative financing options like venture capital, factoring and supply chain financing and SME Exchange as a route to access capital from bank and non- bank sources.

    • MSME Schemes and innovative approaches for MSME Financing
    • Project formulation, feasibility, Application and appraisal
    • Information needs of banker while processing the loan application
    • Rating and assessment of MSME loans

  • Instruction & Course Materials

    The course is conducted online on our LMS platform. This live interactive, immersive instruction model is designed for busy existing entrepreneurs and starts-up.All reading materials for this course will be made accessible to you through the LMS. Notes for each module are often downloadable, and you are able to save any information or collateral you use to your personal profile. All learning material and recorded lectures will be available for the participants, which can be accessed for upto 6 weeks.

Course Modules: Eight
Course Duration: 2 weeks 
Online Instruction: 8 hours
Commitment: 4 hours per week
Fees: Rs 5000 + GST

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