Certificate in Intellectual Property Strategy for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Certificate in Intellectual Property Strategy for Startups and Entrepreneurs
  • Programme Structure

    Module1:Intellectual Property Basics

    Module 2:Different Types of IP and their Filing Costs with Time Frames

    Module 3:Intellectual Property Tips: Protection and Avoiding Infringement

    Module 4:Government schemes on IP protection

    Module 5: Things to consider when developing an IP strategy

    Module 6:Best IP strategies including defense, development, and monetization of IP through case studies.

  • Course Outcome

    Entrepreneurship goes hand-in-hand with innovation — the ability to produce new ideas; provide better solutions; and pioneer new products. Intellectual Property rights (IPR) is the key driver for the new ventures helping them to transform their innovation potential and creativity into market value and competitiveness. So, startups need to adapt IP strategy for successful introduction of their products in the marketplace and also to enhance their competitiveness in the market.

    • Types of Intellectual Property, benefits and costs;
    • Valuation of IP assets and best forms of Protection;
    • Reducing the risk of theft or unauthorized disclosure of ideas and the competitive edge.
    • IP strategy for future growth, expansion and investment in your business.

  • Instruction & Course Materials

    The course is conducted online on our LMS platform. This live interactive, immersive instruction model is designed for busy existing entrepreneurs and starts-up.All reading materials for this course will be made accessible to you through the LMS. Notes for each module are often downloadable, and you are able to save any information or collateral you use to your personal profile. All learning material and recorded lectures will be available for the participants, which can be accessed for upto 6 weeks.

Course Modules: Six
Course Duration: 2 weeks 
Online Instruction: 8 hours
Commitment: 4 hours per week
Fees: Rs 5000 + GST

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