Certificate in “Jugaad” Innovation for Startups & MSME’s

Certificate in “Jugaad” Innovation for Startups & MSME’s
  • Programme Structure

    Module 1: Gain competitive intelligence and developing 
    Module 2: Competitive Advantage (CA & SCA)
    Module 3: Be an industry leader - not a follower.
    Module 4: Set your vision and mind for Jugaad Innovation to drive the future of your enterprise.
    Module 5: Harnessing Innovation within an enterprise
    Module 6: Intellectual Properties, Copyrights and Brands
    Module 7: Branding and Advertising
    Module 8: Successful Marketing and Pooling Techniques

  • Course Outcome

    By demonstrating agility, Jugaad innovators can deal with unanticipated challenges faster and seize unexpected opportunities-such as changing customer needs-more swiftly than their competitors. 21st century businesses would only run and won by the engine known as “Innovation”.

    Emerging markets are characterized by high volatility. Economic circumstances are constantly changing. Growth rates are often in double digits, and the competitive landscape is often shifting. New laws and regulations are constantly being put into place, and policy is constantly evolving. So, Jugaad innovators need to experiment as they go along and be willing to try multiple options, rather than adopting one approach at the start and sticking to it thereafter. 

    Indian businesses fired with Jugaad Innovation which would lead the global businesses for another few more decades with a constant growth rate of more than GDP 6% PA.

    Through hands on practical workshop budding entrepreneurs will be exposed to a wide variety of practical issues of

    • The Jugaad mindset for survival in a volatile business environment 
    • Jugaad Innovation over a structured approach.
    • Unstructured innovation dimensions for enterprises to sustain.
    • Jugaad innovation for market placement and driving the business.
    • Handling and driving innovation in enterprises.

  • Instruction & Course Materials

    The course is conducted online on our LMS platform. This live interactive, immersive instruction model is designed for busy existing entrepreneurs and starts-up.All reading materials for this course will be made accessible to you through the LMS. Notes for each module are often downloadable, and you are able to save any information or collateral you use to your personal profile. All learning material and recorded lectures will be available for the participants, which can be accessed for upto 6 weeks.

Course Modules: Eight
Course Duration: 2 weeks 
Online Instruction: 8 hours
Commitment: 4 hours per week
Fees: Rs 5000 + GST

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