The World of Business

The Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world of business needs recognition and initiative, that is adjusted for difficulties of the future. The serious open market rivalry and mechanical insurgencies, have made it necessary to conceptualise and plan, for any and all situations. In the present times of cutting edge technology, razor thin margins, borderless trade, online management information & reporting systems coupled with highly evolving customer aspirations, the existing processes, practices, devices and methods, need a complete overhaul. An unmistakable need is being felt for rethinking the very idea of business.
To stay ahead entrepreneurs can imbibe the 6Ds, namely Dexterity, Disruption, Digitalisation, Distribution, Divestment and Decisiveness.
IIM Sambalpur in association with Asian Centre for Economic & Entrepreneurial Development and Education offers a highly immersive 9-week leadership initiative “Business Leadership Program” for Existing Entrepreneurs, CXOs and their 2-in- Cs to get prepared for the VUCA world.

The Business Leadership Program (BLP) will deliver disruptive thinking, proactive decision making and visionary abilities with the digital aptitude required of a leader in business.
This program is designed to fortify existing entrepreneurs and CXOs, with the ability to gauge and take risks and impart skills that will not only help them to successfully grow their businesses but also to lead the enterprise and the Management Team. The program digs deep into leadership issues including strategic and effective leadership styles, stakeholder handling, robust delivery mechanisms and being prepared for the impact of global trends.
Dual Certificates in Business Leadership Program will be awarded on successful completion by IIM Sambalpur & ACEEDE.


The programme pedagogy offers scope for rich experiential learning through case studies, lectures and discussions, audio-visual aids, presentations, group learning from fellow participants and interaction with the entrepreneurial network of investors, bankers, entrepreneurs and mentors.
The interactions during the sessions would include discussion on real life situations faced by enterprises in functional areas of management. We encourage participants to share their experiences, which in turn enables them to solve their problems with the support of the faculty.
The participants are requested to carry relevant data and information to make such interactions meaningful. The programme is conducted by experienced in-house and visiting faculty of IIMS, ACEEDE and experts from India SME Forum, India’s largest Non Profit Initiative for Small & Medium Enterprises.

Content, Duration and Delivery

$29 / mo

Financial Management

  • Managing Cash Flows
  • Financial Statement Analysis for Non-Accountants
  • Identifying The Path To Profit
  • Forecasting The Future of Your Business
$99 / mo

Marketing Management

  • Customer Acquisition Focus
  • Continuous Innovation
  • Strategic Flexibility
  • Calculated risk taking
  • Pro-activeness
  • Leveraging Resource
$29 / mo


  • Analysing business operations using appropriate performance measures, such as flow time, throughput rate and capacity.
  • Tools, analytical frameworks and general principles for managing operations.
  • Indentify inefficiency and ineffectiveness in business operations and propose adequate minor changes or major redesigns to improve the process.
  • Implementation of quality control activities across different industries.
$99 / mo

Strategic Management for Entrepreneurs

  • Measuring the Success of a Business
  • Influence of The Business Environment on Success
  • Developing Unique Internal Sources of Competitive Advantage
  • Predicting Competition Outcome
  • Dealing with Disruptions in the Marketplace
  • Leveraging the power of platforms


Entrepreneurs, CXOs, 2nd Generation Family Business participants with minimum 1 year of experience in Enterprise / Profit Centre Management across manufacturing or services sectors As the Course fees is highly subsidised, all applications for candidates must be sponsored by a running Small & Medium Enterprise.

Application & Selection

Please send the registration info to receive an application form which will need to be completed, signed and sent along with the Application & Assessment fees (refundable if application not approved).
Selection for entry into the program will be decided by the Selection Committee after detailed scrutiny of the application, followed bya personal Interview to approve the admission.


Application & Assessment Fees of Rupees 4500/-are payable along with the application form to qualify. Kindly note that these charges are refundable if the application is not approved.
Course Fee if paid in a single instalment, on approval of application for admission is Rupees 45000/-or Rupees 15300/- payable in 3 equal installments, spread over the course duration.
Certification and Postage Fees is Rupees 2700/- which includes a framed certificate sent to your registered address.
Alumini Membership Fees (optional) of Rupees 3600/- for membership to the Alumni Association and for maintaining your file & updated records for future use & forwarding the same to your named agencies - Banks, etc, as and when required by you.

  • Online classes using interactive instruction tools
  • 12 hrs + of Industry Interface & Networking
  • 30 hrs + of Interactive Instruction
  • 6 hrs + of Problem Solving Sessions
  • 6 hrs + of Mentor Interface
  • 4-5 hrs per week over 9 weeks

About Collaboration

Leadership and Intrapreneurship Fellowship for Enterprises is a dynamic Academia & Industry collaboration project of Indian Institute for Management Sambalpur and the Asian Centre for Economic and Entrepreneurship Development & Education, Mumbai. Under the aegis of this collaboration, ACEEDE & IIM Sambalpur are coming together to offer Fast Track, Immersive, Instructor Led, Online programs. All the programs feature access to the Mentor 4 Entrepreneur Program initiative of India SME Forum, India's Largest Not for Profit Initiative for Small & Medium Enterprises and dual certification from IIM Sambalpur & ACEEDE.

About IIM Sambalpur

Indian Institute of Management Sambalpur started its journey in 2015 with the aspiration of developing the next generation of leaders with all the core values related to Management 3.0 : Innovation, Inclusiveness, and Integrity. The action- centric research, value-based consulting, executive development programmes and experiential learning pedagogy enables students as well as corporate participants to imbibe the mantras of sustainability and growth in this highly competitive and volatile business environment. IIM Sambalpur aims to cater to the needs of industry, society, government and the country with its rich knowledge base.


The Asian Centre for Economic & Entrepreneurship Development and Education, formed in 2018, focuses on entrepreneurial economics, in its vision of equitable and sustainable development while enabling entrepreneurship for a wide spread economic impact. This institute reaches out to young students, innovators, entrepreneurs and CXOs in high growth Small and Medium Enterprises to promote an entrepreneurial culture, offering a unique opportunity for them to understand and inculcate practical experiences and best practices for planning, setting up and growing their businesses to the next level.